The Next Big Media Publication Will Surprise You


Social media has come a long way since its humble beginnings. From what started as a seemingly casual platform for social engagement, trivial activities, and sources of entertainment, it has now become a highly efficient and effective tool for networking, delivering trusted news, and launching empires.

I know what you’re thinking… isn’t social media just about likes, comments, and shares? Or a pedestal for popularity contests, others may argue. To a certain extent, it is. But what most people fail to realize is that those engagement tools are exactly what catapults content to greater heights. Make no mistake: social media isn’t just about bored users engaging in self-indulgence and vanity – this mindset is so 2013. Through the years, leaders and publishers have leveraged the magnitude that this domain has and turned it into one of the most sought-after tools that yield unprecedented traction for businesses.

Keep in mind that social media is no longer an exclusive space for leisure… business executives have also established their presence in this territory.

The Haven for Business & Techs Enthusiasts

One of the most successful social media platforms that have made a difference in how businesses operate as far as marketing and PR goes is LinkedIn. With 1.6 billion monthly visitors, LinkedIn has now become the hub for all things business, tech, thought leadership, networking, human resources, and so on. In fact, they have 100 times more visitors than digital media titans like Forbes, Business Insider, and Wired. Executives invested on their massive following and specific audience, which is why they launched their LinkedIn News section. So if your company gets a mention here, consider buckling up as your brand is just about to skyrocket. 

This is evident when the platform released its Top Startups of 2022 list. The amount of traction it got was unparalleled. Not only did it go viral on other social media platforms, but it also reached the most reputable major news sources. Simply put, it exploded, and the amount of publicity the brands on this list received has put them on the map.

Other Platforms You Need to Watch Out

Another oldie-but-goodie platform that tries to accomplish the same feat is Facebook. While its conversation rate is nowhere near as high as LinkedIn, it still is a reliable source of traffic and subscription growth for companies. The glaring difference is that Facebook’s audience is much broader compared to LinkedIn’s highly concentrated business and tech demographic. What’s more, Facebook’s algorithm is sporadic, which many publishers, marketers, and advertisers find challenging to navigate.

Another platform that poses as a major disruptor in traditional media publications is YouTube. With the drastic rise in video consumption amongst users, the growing interest in news content both in long and short-form videos should not be underestimated in the next years to come.

Moreover, Twitter will always hold great importance for quick and accessible news. It’s also an efficient channel for content repurposing to further reach a wider audience. According to the 2022 Reuters Digital News Report, the platform remains significantly relevant to journalists with a high proportion of 56% of users relying on Twitter for news.

In a nutshell, the future of media publication is down to one rationale: customers, business partners, and prospects are on social media. From brand positioning, lead nurturing, to developing relationships, the power behind socials as the next best legitimate source of trusted news for all things business and tech is undeniable.