Alexa and SalesForce Had a Baby: It’s Called Winn.AI

The inconvenience of salespeople’s approach to data capturing and CRM integration has long existed. And for decades, the traditional sales cycle and process model has been the norm that reps and leaders simply have to navigate through. But as B2B industries become more competitive in the digital age, the need to overhaul obsolete, manual practices […]

What’s Next For Media? Substack, Decentralized Media, and Multi-Touchpoint Marketing

The role of social media in B2B marketing is rapidly evolving, and traditional media are relentlessly catching up, transforming their models into progressive outlets. As end users change the way they consume content, the need for quality overhaul is the top priority for publications. On today’s episode of Startups On Demand, I am joined by Yoel […]

The Subtle Art Of Dealmaking: Substrata, Adam Neumann, and Social Engineering

A successful dealmaker needs two things to push a sale forward: the right attitude and a reliable, cutting-edge tool. Having the most advanced solution enables dealmakers to gear up and prepare for the battlefield, and a strategic mindset easily seals the deal. On today’s episode of Startups On Demand, I am joined by Ori Manor Zuckerman, […]

The Domino Method in Successful Startups

Startups know that the biggest conquest is getting your brand out there. While it sounds like an insurmountable challenge, taking one step at a time results in a riptide that could lead to growth acceleration and brand awareness optimization. Think of it as swimming through still waters – a stagnant area that seems empty of […]