The Verge Is Innovating The Media Publication Landscape, Here is What You Should Know

In an age where disinformation is rampant, the importance of revamping traditional media has become increasingly urgent. In the old days, a handful of media publications like “The New York Times” would have full control over the narratives, deciding which angle to tell, and which side of the story to cover. This centralized form of […]

Over-communicating is Toxic, and Here’s Why

To say that communication is important in an organization is an understatement. From setting goals, being on the same page, having the same vision, to executing strategies, a leader’s ability to communicate can either launch a company to greater heights or leave it crashing and burning. The art of communication is a high-wire act to […]

How to Build Your Own Media Empire

As the age of digitalization rapidly evolves, the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, media, and journalism have equally transformed to cater to the current consumer demands. While traditional media haven’t completely gone extinct, the manner in which audiences consume content has drastically changed. From standard publications, the marketplace is now transitioning into more decentralized platforms where […]