How AI Will Turn the Aviation Industry into an Algo-Trading Ecosystem?

Artificial intelligence has disrupted a myriad of industries in more ways than one. With the rise of AI subfields like generative AI, machine learning, and AGI, the rapid pace of these modern advancements has overhauled a global set of practices that’s more optimal, efficient, and cost-effective than obsolete models. The aviation industry is quite late […]

Plugins, App Integrations, and Deep Work: The Future of Human-ChatGPT Collaboration

To say that ChatGPT is a tech breakthrough is a mere understatement. For one, it’s not simply breaking through – it’s introducing unchartered territories for all things business and tech that no one has ever dared to imagine.  Based on the GPT architecture that’s specifically fine-tuned for conversational purposes, ChatGPT is trained on a diverse […]