VC Insights, Grove Ventures, and What This Market Can Teach

The years 2021 and 2022 saw a steep rise of tech startups raising funds left and right – a first since the .com era. But when we hit 2023, we’re seeing that the market is making a strong, aggressive correction, especially with early-age startups. In this exclusive interview, I talk to Tal Abuloff, a renowned […]

AI in the Aviation Industry: Insights from an Aviation Tech Expert

Digitalization and tech advancements have disrupted multiple industries across the globe. From automating tedious processes to optimizing the customer experience, these breakthroughs continuously shake up old and obsolete business models and transform them into more cost-effective and efficient methods with little human intervention. Despite the grounds that these tech advancements continuously break, the airline industry […]

Understanding the Vital Role of Public Relations in Society

Introduction What is the role of public relations in society?  This question has been a topic of discussion for decades, and for good reason. Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication practice that focuses on building and maintaining relationships between individuals, organizations, and society. It involves shaping public perception, managing reputation, and driving positive change.  […]

A Closer Look at the Role of Modern Public Relations in Today’s World

Introduction In the past, public relations (PR) was all about managing a company’s reputation and controlling the narrative through traditional media channels like newspapers, TV, and radio. But as the world has become more interconnected and digital, the role of PR has evolved into something much more complex and multifaceted. Today, modern public relations encompasses […]

The Modern Era of Public Relations: A Game-Changer in Communication

Introduction Public relations (PR) has come a long way since its inception in the early 20th century. Today, the modern era of public relations is all about building relationships with stakeholders, leveraging social media, and using data-driven insights to inform decision-making.  As technology continues to evolve, so do the tactics and strategies used by PR […]

The Evolving Landscape of Modern Trends in Public Relations

Introduction Public relations (PR) has come a long way from being just about press releases and media coverage. In today’s digital age, modern trends in public relations have shifted towards a more holistic approach that involves utilizing various channels to connect with audiences, build relationships, and shape perceptions.  This article explores the latest modern trends […]

Mastering the Art of Modern PR Management: Strategies for Success in the Digital Age

Introduction Public relations (PR) has grown in leaps and bounds since its early beginnings. Originally focused on managing the reputations of large corporations and government entities, PR has evolved to encompass a much broader range of industries and clients. In the digital age, the role of PR has become even more important. With social media […]

How AI Will Turn the Aviation Industry into an Algo-Trading Ecosystem?

Artificial intelligence has disrupted a myriad of industries in more ways than one. With the rise of AI subfields like generative AI, machine learning, and AGI, the rapid pace of these modern advancements has overhauled a global set of practices that’s more optimal, efficient, and cost-effective than obsolete models. The aviation industry is quite late […]

6 Transformative Methods for Boosting Workplace Efficiency

Today’s era of digital workspace has created a lot of noise. Endless meetings, countless hours of managing tasks, the accumulation of information, deadlines, priorities and projects create a blurred line between what you should do now and what you should do next. But effective leaders know that these distractions shouldn’t deter them from hitting their […]

Ply, Enterprise Productivity, Simplicity, and The Art of Contextual Software

Organizations are constantly faced with a plethora of vendor apps in their daily operations. From Gmail, and Hubspot, to Salesforce, the amount of app and context switch every employee goes through to perform one single task is a common pain that’s often swept under the rug. Today, custom software is revolutionizing the way businesses operate […]