WinnAI – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

WinnAI is an AI-powered assistant that supports sales teams in closing deals more efficiently by making their funnel faster, smarter, and smoother. Its solution includes intelligent meeting tracking, automated data capture, and seamless CRS updates. It allows sales teams to set up their playbook and WinnAI tracks their conversations in real-time, letting them know which talking points they’ve addressed and which ones they still have left to communicate. This helps sales teams keep their focus on their customers, eliminate unnecessary back and forth, and stay on pace without distractions.

Because sales teams have trouble with keeping their CRMs updated, WinnAI does it for them and imports it all to Salesforce or Hubspot with just a click. This makes it possible for sales teams to free up their time to focus on landing more meetings, maintain their CRM without too much effort, and send customized follow-up emails with one click. And when customers have questions, WinnAI supports sales teams by detecting and interpreting possible questions they may have and feeding the answers to the team.

This innovative solution was founded in November 2021 by Eldad Postan-Koren (CEO) and Bar Haleva (CTO). All over the world, salespeople have several difficulties when it comes to making their job productive and successful. Even though developing and maintaining a CRM is useful for sales teams, having to constantly update it can be time-consuming and laborious. More than this, if customers have questions to which salespeople have no answer, it can leave a sour impression on them and their capabilities. But after observing these concerns faced by salespeople all over the world, WinnAI now works towards breaking down barriers and boosting the productivity of salespeople.

The Problem

Postan-Koren and Haleva’s goal is simple: they want to relieve salespeople of administrative busywork so that they can focus on their customers – not their keyboards. But innovative solutions are just that unless they are recognized globally. This is why they are now aiming to not only become leaders in the field of sales technology but also boost long-term profitability. So, to start, WinnAI came out of stealth and announced their product to grab the headlines.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media’s process of supporting WinnAI started by working with TechCrunch on a press release that emphasized their launch out of stealth with $17 million in seed funding led by Insight Partners and S-Capital. This seed funding is funneled into their R&D efforts, which will bolster their sales and marketing efforts.

The goal Omri Hurwitz Media had was to position WinnAI as the first mover in the AI sales assistant field, addressing a gap that no one else has dared to solve. With the angle “every salesperson’s wingman,” OHM has pushed forward the brand leadership WinnAI has.

And because of the uniqueness of WinnAI’s brand, it was easy for OHM to build upon the leadership of CEO Eldad Postan-Koren. In talking about relevant topics, including the dawn of ChatGPT and how we can use it for sales as seen in Hackernoon, and the trends that are changing the traditional sales process as we know it as seen in Forbes. Moreover, Eldad was also mentioned in FastCompany’s article on how to achieve responsible AI.

Recently, the company had recently launched the general availability of their ‘No-Typing CRM’  AI Tool and this campaign made waves both in the traditional media and on social media. The company launched a viral video campaign on LinkedIn which had been picked up by business leaders throughout the site–creating their own videos. And with the help of OHM’s modern PR approach, this successful campaign has been covered by prominent media platforms such as MSNthe Boss Magazine, and The Enterprise World.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media has successfully poised WinnAI as one of the leaders in AI sales technology, boosting brand visibility and recognition. This achievement can be attributed to the following metrics that OHM has achieved for WinnAI:

  1. 99 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 8.2M total online coverage views
  3. 9.1B total monthly readership audience of publications
  4. 2.2B total monthly unique readership audience of publications