Voyantis – A Case Study

Project Overview

Voyantis is a platform for predictive growth that enables online businesses to achieve sustainable growth based on lifetime value (LTV), even in the face of challenges like privacy and increasing customer acquisition costs. By using artificial intelligence, Voyantis’ platform – which is utilized by top-tier brands such as Miro, Notion, Ipsy, Beard-Club, and others – analyzes thousands of data points to anticipate the future behavior and value of each user shortly after acquisition. This empowers growth and marketing teams to acquire and retain high-value users, ultimately resulting in greater long-term profitability. The platform is codeless, making it accessible to users of varying technical abilities.

Voyantis was founded in 2020 by a group of individuals who noticed that marketing and growth teams often face challenges in driving business growth. After speaking with numerous growth leaders, they found that many companies rely on spreadsheets to make marketing and growth decisions, often based on simplistic assumptions and models. Despite having access to large amounts of data, many companies lack the necessary resources to analyze and utilize this data effectively to make informed decisions and drive growth. In the current climate where profitability is a top priority, it is essential for companies to understand the future value of each user and take action accordingly. 

The Problem

Voyantis Co-Founders Ido Wiesenberg and Eran Friendinger aimed to increase brand recognition by securing prominent media placements. Their objective was to establish Voyantis as the foremost provider of predictive-based growth operating system solutions, enabling businesses to enhance profitability and enabling growth and marketing teams to attract and retain high-value users for greater long-term profitability. Their goal was to generate publicity about their stealth exit and product to stir buzz and generate headlines.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media kickstarted Voyantis exposure by securing a TechCrunch article, highlighting the company’s $19-million seed funding from investors like Target Global, Square Peg, Schusterman Family Investments, Kaedan Capital and Operator Partners, with additional participation of notable marketing growth executives at Adobe, Shopify, Doordash, Tinder and Facebook. This was also followed by a pool of press releases from tier 1 publications like Marketing Dive and Newsbreak.

Omri Hurwitz Media aimed to position Voyantis as the secret weapon of a multitude of companies like Miro and Notion, with the angle “the growth engine of all growth engines.” OHM also targeted startups by building a new category of predictive analytics that is revenue-based. 

Moreover, OHM also built on Co-Founder Ido Wiesenberg’s persona as a strong selling point by making him a recognizable face of the brand. This was done by securing a thought leadership article in VentureBeat along with leading brands like AnyTrack and SemRush, as well as an interview for Authority Magazine.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media effectively boosted Voyantis’ visibility and brand awareness, thereby accomplishing the company’s PR and media coverage objectives. This achievement is demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM attained for Voyantis:

  1. 53 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 790.8k total online coverage views
  3. 357.1M monthly website visits
  4. 89.5k coverage views on dark social