theGist – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

theGist is composed of a team of professionals who are passionate about making work simpler and more productive. Their generative AI technology is designed to simplify information creation and consumption with just one click, increasing workplace productivity. Their first tool, theGist for Slack, is a contextual assistant that filters out noise from Slack discussions and provides personalized summaries, allowing employees to focus on the most important information.

The company’s goal is to simplify the way people work together, collaborate, manage tasks and projects, and consume information. They believe that it’s time for people to stop working for the tools and let the tools work for them, creating a more fulfilling and productive employee experience.

theGist is committed to changing how people work together using generative AI. With the overwhelming amount of data bombarding people on a daily basis, the company’s technology provides a solution to information overload, ultimately improving people’s efficiency and well-being.

theGist was founded by senior executives from Wix, Blizzard, and OpenWeb, who have firsthand experience with communication clutter. The company is supported by StageOne and Aleph and has plans for upcoming releases.

The Problem

theGist Co-Founders Itay Dressler, Itzik Ben-Bassat, and Nir Zohar wanted to position their brand as a cutting-edge tool to overhaul workspace information with generative AI. With the help of Omri Hurwitz Media, their goal is to target tier 1 publications, increase their visibility, optimize their exposure, and develop their brand as a go-to productivity tool for businesses across multiple industries.

The Strategy

The team at Omri Hurwitz Media knew that the initial approach should highlight both workspace communication pains and value propositions. The team jump-started with a massive outreach to highlight the industry gaps that theGist bridges, including the following statistics:

  • Research shows that 80% of employees feel that information overload is the primary reason for their work stress, which is why productivity tools like theGist are integral to boosting workspace efficiency.
  • Another study shows 25% of workers suffer from poor health from the volume of information they’re required to manually process.

OHM emphasizes on theGist’s novel solution, theGist for Slack, which creates alignment by scanning through hundreds of posts to instantly provide personalized summaries of valuable insights and highlights, minus the noise – therefore, targeting the workspace productivity space and leveraging the buzz of generative AI in the last quarter of 2022. As a result, several top publications covered their funding announcement, including TechCrunch, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Bloomberg.

OHM also spearheaded the launch of theGist’s latest product, a Unified AI Workspace, securing several top-tier publications, including Forbes.

Moreover, OHM also secured theGist on Product Hunt where it was awarded Product of the Day on 30 November 2022. After its launch, the company then appeared in several must-have lists in the productivity space from different publications like The Times of Israel, International Business Times, and The Los Angeles Tribune.

When theGist introduced its flagship product–the Unified AI Workspace–and initiated the Beta phase of its launch, where organizations and individuals alike can finally register for the waitlist, OHM supported the company by launching announcements all over prominent media platforms such as Forbes, MSN, and Newsbreak. This further solidified the positioning of theGist as creating a radical focus on what’s most important for professionals all over the world.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media succeeded in enhancing theGist’s visibility and brand recognition, which fulfilled its PR and media coverage goals. This accomplishment is evidenced by the metrics OHM achieved for theGist, cementing its reputation as a leading productivity tool for managing information overload on a global scale.

  1. 77 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 4.3B total monthly readership audience of publications
  3. 4.7M total online coverage views
  4. 59.9k coverage views on socials