Tarci – A Case Study

Project Overview

Tarci is a continuous intelligence engine that creates dynamic SMB data. With the company’s expertise in advanced data science, it supports the capturing of SMB data for businesses with 1 to 500 employees. Its continuous intelligence engine has an enormous and diverse data lake that’s extracted from external data sources and this data lake refreshes weekly.

Co-founders Leetal Gruper and Sergey Bahchissaraitsev discovered the difficulties faced by SMBs everywhere when it comes to identifying and gathering data on SMBs that are actionable. This is why they co-founded Tarci because they are driven to provide data that can assess customers’ likelihood to convert. With their data, Tarci’s clients are now using it as well in other customer-facing functions. This drove Tarci to expand its vision to address each touchpoint between an enterprise in the financial and e-commerce sectors and the SMBs it works with.

To date, Tarci’s solutions span the sales, marketing, and risk management operations of companies. It serves organizations working on merchant service payments, insurance & benefits, business loans, and eCommerce solutions.

The Problem

Leetal and Sergey understood the problem that they were solving and how beneficial it could be to their clients. They knew how powerful SMB insights could be and this was affirmed by SalesForce who saw that over 90% of the business population represented small- and medium-sized businesses. And over the years, more and more businesses keep on coming, especially since the same research discovered that Millennials and Gen Zs are 188% more likely to build side businesses compared to baby boomers.

This is why Tarci wanted to push the boundaries of what data enterprises can use in targeting their SMB clients. And this was not possible if most companies didn’t understand Tarci or what they did. So, the company set a goal: to establish itself as the leading company that will revolutionize the FinTech industry.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media supported Tarci in achieving this goal by securing feature after feature in publications like Newsbreak, The FinTech Times, and International Business Times to introduce the company and its vision. And because of the amazing innovation that Tarci continues to drive, OHM also had the opportunity to run press releases for the company in publications such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance.

To further Tarci’s brand awareness, OHM worked on setting up CEO Leetal Gruper as the thought leader in SMB data which allowed for her articles to be published on Finextra. With the countless efforts of OHM to increase the brand recognition of both Tarci and Leetal, Tarci continues to pave the way for SMB data that solves enterprises’ concerns.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media’s successful effort to evolve the way people see Tarci’s value proposition, OHM’s PR and media efforts had paid off. The results can be seen through the following metrics:

  1. 27 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 516.4M total monthly readership audience of publications
  3. 993.4k total online coverage views
  4. 145.1M total monthly unique readership audience of publications