Substrata – A Case Study

Project Overview

SubStrata is a pioneer in the fields of Social Signal Processing and Pragmatic Analysis. This means that the company develops innovative Social Signal Processing Technology (SSPT) to support a new generation of socially aware AI solutions that will fuel the business world of tomorrow. With SSPT as a brand new field spanning deep learning, natural language processing, linguistics, social science, cognitive science, and psychology, SubStrata designs and builds the technology that analyzes digitally delivered social signals possible.

Their AI-driven solution empowers organizations to delve into the inner workings of their prospects’ real intentions, emotions, and perspectives, uniquely tailored to conduct a comprehensive examination of non-verbal cues frequently shown in body language and vocal intonations. Essentially, the tool is utilized to analyze the various elements that happen during negotiations, sales, and dealmaking.

Founded in 2020 by Ori Manor Zuckerman (CEO), Baruchi Har-Lev (CTO), and Eran Yessodi (CPO), they understood that emotions, dispositions, perspectives, attitudes, perceptions of social status, power struggles, interpersonal conflicts, and “small politics” play a tremendous role not only in our everyday lives, but also in the business world, influencing our language, communication, decisions, and accomplishments.

This is why, to date, they have designed and built the technology that analyzes digitally-delivered social signals possible. And they are trusted by the world’s best revenue teams including Autodesk, OneDigital, Barclays, and Cognizant.

The Problem

Because the focus that SubStrata has can be potentially controversial, the company wanted to clear up any misconceptions and position itself as the pioneer in the decoding of behaviors and emotions that AI can translate and leverage, which ultimately helps dealmakers and salespeople make better decisions when closing deals.

Several researchers have pointed out potential pitfalls when it comes to AI analyzing human emotions. But it’s undeniable that emotions, particularly non-verbal communication, are a slippery slope that dealmakers are constantly trying to navigate. This is why SubStrata wants to make this possible–but not without positive public opinion.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media took on this challenge by simultaneously aiming to: (1) address potential fears about social signal processing, (2) build on Substrata’s strengths, and (3) position them as the pioneer in Social Signal Processing Technology.

This strategy started with going all out to secure feature articles, mentions, and interviews for SubStrata with publications including Entrepreneur, Nasdaq, Newsbreak, and Benzinga, among others. OHM also pushed for SubStrata to be positioned as the ultimate deal-making tool.

But most of all, OHM worked on building the brand of CEO Ori Manor Zuckerman through interviews on publications such as Authority Magazine, Hackernoon, and New York Tech Media. These efforts all led to SubStrata’s positioning as the leader in Social Signal Processing Technology which companies appreciate when it comes to their deal-making processes.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media has successfully positioned SubStrata as a leader and pioneer in a space that can be controversial for most people. And this led the company to partner with countless revenue teams. This success can be attributed to the following metrics:

  1. 40 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 619.2k total online coverage views
  3. 796M total monthly readership audience of publications
  4. 39.7k coverage views on socials