StoryCards – A Case Study

Project Overview

StoryCards is the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no code. It supports startups and brands, digital agencies, and publishers in creating premium engaging products with zero development costs. Ultimately, they empower people in making smarter segments based on their choices and get better quality leads.

StoryCards’ custom engagement products can be seen in Editor, on which users can create their own interactive visual stories; Flow, on which users can map out a sequence of events or steps, and visualize the flow of information or processes; Cards Format, on which users can create and share interactive visual stories in a card format; and Collaboration, on which users can collaborate with others in real-time on the same visual story.

Founder & CEO Gil Rabbi, is considered one of the global experts in creating digital products that improve engagement. After engaging over 10 million people every month, he and his team felt that they were repeating the same work at Rabbi Interactive. This experience led them to start developing an internal platform for creating engagement products. The platform was so successful internally, they decided to share this solution with others.

This was when he founded StoryCards with one goal in mind, for businesses to do the engagement that they want, how they want to do it. StoryCards will look like an integral part of the website, as though it was custom developed for them.

The Problem

Engaging users–whether on social media or websites–can be difficult if it’s not tailored to them. This is what StoryCards wants their clients to know. But not all companies are aware of this. According to StatusBrew, an average social media user uses 7.2 different social platforms every month. The same organization revealed that the world spends more than 10 billion hours every day using social media.

With this in mind, StoryCards wants to leverage the current trends to attract potential clients. This is why the company wanted to boost their brand awareness, recognition, and reputation. Omri Hurwitz Media supported StoryCards in achieving the goal through their proprietary strategy.

The Strategy

To help StoryCards take advantage of the trends in user engagement, Omri Hurwitz Media worked with publications such as Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and CTech to feature what StoryCards is all about and push their brand recognition to the limit. To continue with the ball rolling, OHM worked to have StoryCards mentioned in publications such as Entrepreneur and Newsbreak.

To add to this, OHM successfully secured interviews for Gil Rabbi in publications like The Times of Israel and for him to bolster his brand with Hackernoon’s review of StoryCards’ feature on CTech.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media’s strategy in building StoryCards’ brand on all sides–be it on the company front or the face behind it–has been fruitful in establishing the company as the leader in the field of user engagement. This success has been supported by the following metrics:

  1. 21 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 531.3k total online coverage views
  3. 481.1k monthly readership audience of publications
  4. 50.2k coverage views on socials