Spike Email – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

Spike simplifies business communication, enabling seamless collaboration with clients and team members. It operates like a messenger for the user and their team, while still maintaining the standard professional email format for those not using Spike. 

This award-winning email service provides a variety of tools within a single inbox, including chat, note and task collaboration, video chat, calendar management, and more. The user can take advantage of features such as Priority Inbox, Super Search, instant unsubscribe, send later, and reminders, among others. With a clean design and user-friendly interface, Spike helps the user focus on what matters and increase their efficiency, potentially freeing up time for other pursuits. 

Spike was developed to meet the needs of its creators, who wanted to streamline their work processes and do what they love more effectively. While the workload cannot be controlled, Spike can make it easier and more efficient.

The Problem

Spike Co-Founder and CEO Dvir Ben-Aroya noticed how work has dramatically changed in recent years, but everyone’s tools haven’t evolved with it. To compensate, people keep adding more tools and channels. The result? Tons of wasted productivity hours just managing the tools with the constant app and context switching.

With the help of Omri Hurwitz Media, Spike aims to position itself as the first collaborative email platform that helps teams of all sizes connect, create and collaborate in order to accomplish more. OHM leverages Spike’s strength and combines it with out-of-the-box creative publicity to commence its media coverage. 

The Strategy

OHM highlighted Spike’s capabilities by adding a twist to its branding, including Spike vs. Gmail, Spike vs. Slack, and If WhatsApp and Gmail Had a Baby, it’s Called Spike. Through these headlining angles, Spike effectively competed with dominant names in the workspace communication arena, showing up in a number of best-of lists in different publications. By June 2022, Spike reached tier-1 publications like Hackernoon, Entrepreneur, and VentureBeat.

Furthermore, the 2-hour WhatsApp outage worldwide back in October 2022 served as a pinnacle in positioning Spike as a key player in the industry. With quick thinking and creativity, OHM quickly crafted Spike as an effective alternative to WhatsApp, emphasizing the following statistics:

  • About 12,000 user reports were made within the first half hour regarding its downtime, and this quickly spiked to 30,000 reports within its 2-hour outage. 
  • It’s the longest outage that the platform has ever faced in its 13-year run.
  • According to Reuters, a similar outage occurred exactly a year ago with the app, greatly hitting the trading assets sector – from oil to cryptocurrency, causing significant headaches to traders all over the world.
  • Spike has zero recorded glitches, blackouts, or service interruptions.

Furthermore, OHM continuously builds Spike by establishing Dvir as the face of the brand, securing him with an interview for Authority Magazine where he talked about How We Can Cancel Hustle Culture And Create A New Sustainable Work Paradigm.

Recently, the company launched Spike for Teams, an end-to-end email and team chat service that delivers an unparalleled unified communication and collaboration experience for small-to-medium sized businesses. With the help of OHM, this successful launch had taken the attention of notable publications such as MSN, Newsbreak, and Bloomberg.

Up to date, OHM continuously works with Spike in further solidifying its position as the go-to email app for personal and professional use. 

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media continuously establishes Spike’s solid authority in the communication and productivity space, thereby checking the company’s PR and media coverage objectives. This achievement is demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM attained for Spike:

  1. 130 total pieces of media coverage.
  2. 9.2B total monthly readership audience of publications.
  3. 7.8M total online coverage views.
  4. 961.9k total coverage views on socials.