renovai – A Case Study

Project Overview

renovai offers AI-based visual commerce solutions to retailers, with the aim of hyper-personalizing the e-commerce experience and providing the necessary visual context for confident purchasing decisions. Their unique technology, Correlated Deep Tagging, uses computer vision AI to improve product tagging accuracy and make products more discoverable.

renovai Co-Founders Alon Gilady and Alon Chelben met during their Economics studies at Tel Aviv University and became business partners due to their shared interest in developing projects from scratch. After graduation, they established a 3D-visualization studio for interior designers, which allowed them to gain experience and insight into the virtual design realm. They decided to create a fully automated, AI-based stylist that could revolutionize online shopping by offering personalized recommendations and context for shoppers.

The Problem

renovai recognizes the challenge that consumers face when presented with a large number of options while online shopping, which can lead to choice paralysis. The company aims to provide retailers with real-time visual AI solutions that can help create inspiring and personalized interactions with shoppers. Their solutions require minimal integration time and resources, making it easy for retailers to implement them.

“The Alonz” were clear with how they wanted to position renovai: as the ultimate virtual AI shopping assistant for retail brands. With the goal of stamping their brand as a household name in the retail sector, the team sought Omri Hurwitz Media to increase their brand recognition by securing prominent media placements. Their goal was to get the word out and emphasize their technology that bridges product discovery and purchase, the ultimate tools for increasing conversion and AOV and cementing brand loyalty.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media quickly recognized renovai’s immense potential and knew that success was within reach with the right angle and series of headlines. OHM strategically placed renovai’s brand as a must-have eCommerce trend that every retailer should have in order to thrive, highlighting its hyper-personalized customer experience solution. Soon, renovai secured several feature articles from high caliber publications like Forbes, Hackernoon, and Entrepreneur.

Furthermore, OHM highlighted renovai’s unique tech capabilities with every reporter and media outreach, including:

  • Unlike other AI recommendations that are based on mass appeal or trends, they have built their algorithms based on a human designer (who is also VP of Design). They nickname her “Mother of Algorithms”. That way every person receives a highly detailed recommendation and assistance based on his personal needs. 
  • They have integrated a solution that provides search based on similar object images as well as holistic setup images. 
  • renovai’s solutions are revenue-driven, and they have created a free ROI calculator that indicates how their solution can help.  
  • renovai has already achieved efficient product-market fit in the retail design space, and has clients and partners that include: Temple Webster, John Lewis, and more. 
  • renovai is the Netflix of Online Shopping

Moreover, OHM tapped renovai CEO Alon Gilady and VP for Marketing Andra Rubinstein to be the brand’s ambassadors, securing a series of interviews, including Authority Magazine, 20 Minute Leaders, and Times of Israel.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media effectively boosted renovai’s visibility and brand awareness, thereby accomplishing the company’s PR and media coverage objectives. This achievement is demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM attained for renovai:

  1. 53 total pieces of coverage
  2. 2.6 billion total monthly readership audience of publications
  3. 1.6 billion total monthly unique readership audience of publications
  4. 928,9k total online coverage views