Qwak – A Case Study

Project Overview

Qwak is a fully managed platform that unifies ML engineering and data operations. It allows builders to transform and store data, build, train, and deploy models, and monitor the entire Machine Learning pipeline. Their platform includes a feature store that facilitates the discoverability, reuse, and accuracy of features for ML and delivers better and more accurate data for models at any stage of the pipeline at any given time.

It also has a model registry that standardizes clients’ ML project structure and automatically generates versions for data, code, and parameters on every model build, model deployment that help teams deliver ML model services in a fast, repeatable, and scalable way—including advanced metrics, logging, and alerting capabilities, and model monitoring that collect, store and analyze your model’s data centrally to fully monitor inference, feedback and baseline data.

With the mission of simplifying the machine learning delivery process by enabling data scientists to  build, train and deploy their models in a frictionless manner, Qwak was founded by Alon Lev (CEO), Yuval Fernbach (CTO), Lior Penso (COO), and Ran Romano (VP of Engineering) on the belief that data science teams should be able to focus on what they are hired for and not be troubled by infrastructure and operations.

Ultimately, Qwak has worked to help data science teams of all kinds achieve their most ambitious goals by empowering them to create and automate ML that perfectly fits  company goals and requirements. To date, the company has worked with industry leaders with ML needs including Spot by NetApp, Guesty, Salt, and JLL.

The Problem

With technology advancing at a rate that’s difficult for most companies to keep up with, machine learning has often been overlooked compared to artificial intelligence. This is why Qwak wanted to boost their reputation and brand recognition–because they focused primarily on ML. And they wanted to be seen as the leader in the ML space.

However, most people don’t realize the potential ML has in making an impact in the technology industry. Proficient Market Insights has discovered that $31,36 billion is the projected global machine learning platforms market size by 2028. So, Omri Hurwitz Media had taken the challenge to bolster Qwak as the go-to platform for ML delivery processes.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media had two goals in mind: (1) to position Qwak as the leader in the ML space and (2) to establish Qwak’s credibility using customer insights and third-party validation. With this, OHM started boosting Qwak by securing their position in listicles that included the top companies in the ML space. Because of this, Qwak has become one of the top companies to look out for in publications like Hackernoon, The Science Times, Newsbreak, and TechBullion.

More than this, introducing the face behind Qwak was essential for OHM. This led to securing interviews in several publications including Hackernoon, Unite.AI, and Times of Israel. This was the start of Qwak as the go-to platform for big clients in need of easy and streamlined ML delivery processes.

Business Impact

The path Omri Hurwitz Media took to establish Qwak’s brand leadership paid off, especially with the growing interest in machine learning. OHM found the opportunity to ride the waves with Qwak’s timely solution. And the OHM PR and media strategy can be evidenced by the following metrics:

  1. 30 total piece of media coverage
  2. 704.4k total online coverage views
  3. 532k coverage views on websites
  4. 2.4B total monthly website visits