Peech – A Case Study

Project Overview

Peech is a platform that was established in 2020, offering automatic and personalized video editing and management services. It enables marketing teams to create, transcribe, optimize, and publish content in one place, and is Co-Founded by CEO Danielle Dafni, a media market expert, and CTO Johnathan Amit-Kanarek, a cloud and online video streaming specialist. 

Peech 2.0 is the latest version, introducing the first generative AI video editor that can edit, transcribe, and brand video content, empowering marketers to create unlimited professional content while saving time and money. Peech uses machine learning to calibrate to each company’s branding and marketing goals, ensuring long-term efficiency and accuracy. Through its complex machine learning model, Peech 2.0 can understand video context, highlight relevant keywords, and create visual messages without templates, revolutionizing the content creation industry.

Danielle created this solution to help content teams within organizations transform their existing content into high-quality videos.

The Problem

In today’s digital world with a relatively congested content creator economy, Danielle knew that positioning Peech in the market would require vigor and intelligence as the company’s target audience is specific: marketing and content teams within organizations who don’t have the tech capabilities and bandwidth to meet the overwhelming demand of video generation. 

Peech sought Omri Hurwitz Media’s PR and media coverage expertise to amplify their brand, particularly with the launch of their product Peech 2.0. Months later, they would again launch Peech for Webinars, requiring a specific tactic and strategy to generate buzz and enrich their brand awareness.

The Strategy

From the get-go, Omri Hurwitz Media knew that Peech was sitting on an untapped goldmine, particularly with the rising generative AI trend in the industry. OHM leveraged Peech’s innate AI-driven tech capabilities and targeted publications like Marketing Dive, TechBullion, Zapier, Yahoo! Finance, and The Los Angeles Tribune to name a few. Peech was also featured on Product Hunt where it peaked at number 1 last December 2022.

Upon reporter and media outreach, OHM highlighted Peech’s key selling points, including:

  • Peech is a personalized and automatic video editing and management platform that allows you to create unlimited video content in no time. 
  • Content drives a company; it will never go obsolete. Peech’s solutions will be relevant for the long-haul.
  • Video content is the future. The demand for converting regular articles into video form is surging.
  • Peech is NOT templated, which negates the notion and misconception that their products might be robotic and lack nuance.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media effectively boosted Peech’s visibility and brand awareness, thereby accomplishing the company’s PR and media coverage objectives. This achievement is demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM attained for Peech:

  1. 38 total pieces of coverage
  2. 849.7M total monthly readership audience of publications
  3. 1.2M total online coverage views
  4. 168.5M total monthly unique readership audience of publications