Nipendo – A Case Study

Project Overview

In 2010, Eyal and Alon Rosenberg co-founded Nipendo to address a challenge in the source-to-pay industry where SaaS applications were flooding the market to replace ERP deficiencies, requiring heavy investments from both buyers and suppliers. They created a platform that allowed companies and suppliers to interact efficiently without replacing or customizing their existing systems and processes. 

This platform uses technologies such as RPA, AI, and Machine Learning to benefit all trading partners at a minimal cost. Nipendo is currently used by medium to large companies worldwide to reduce costs and improve procurement and supply chain efficiencies.

In January 2023, American Express announced that it will acquire Nipendo, a company that automates and streamlines B2B payment processes for global businesses. This acquisition is part of American Express’ strategy to create an end-to-end B2B platform that simplifies and improves business payments. They aim to expand their B2B capabilities for both buyers and suppliers through new product development, M&A, and partnerships.

The Problem

The Rosenbergs recognize the major hurdle in the source-to-pay industry: a lack of integration between different systems. Organizations often use multiple SaaS applications for different procurement tasks, such as purchasing, invoicing, and supplier management. This can result in silos of information and a lack of visibility into the procurement process. Moreover, it can also lead to inefficiencies due to manual data entry into multiple systems, resulting in human errors and delays.

With these gaps in mind, the Nipendo team’s objective is to place their brand at the forefront after “cracking the code” by empowering companies and their suppliers to interact efficiently, without the need to replace or customize their underlying systems and source-to-pay processes. To get the word out, they seek Omri Hurwitz Media’s PR and media coverage expertise for brand awareness and headline generation.

The Strategy

After seeing Nipendo’s capabilities, Omri Hurwitz Media knew that the key was to highlight its two strengths: cloud-based and AI-driven technology. OHM commenced their PR with a feature on, a press release announcement on DigitalJournal, and an interview for Nipendo CRO Paul Noël on Authority Magazine’s 5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Modern World Of Finance & Fintech series. 

Moreover, OHM secured a spot for Director of Strategy Ilan Friedman as a thought leader on Finextra, publishing pieces like: 

As for OHM’s outreach efforts for media and publications, they highlighted the company’s several key points for reporters to write about, including:

  • Niptendo sought to address a challenge they saw in the source-to-pay industry – a flood of SaaS applications designed to replace ERP deficiencies, which required heavy investments of time, effort, and money by both buyers and suppliers. 
  • The platform streamlines interactions between buyers and suppliers across all goods and services spend categories. 
  • The platform’s high-tech features (RPA, Machine Learning, and AI technologies) eliminate errors in P2P processes and enable compliance management, audit, dispute resolution, and discrepancy management.
  • Nipendo’s end-to-end Hyperautomation platform is used by leading organizations including HP, Intel, KLA, Kodak Alaris, Elbit Systems, IAI, Teva, and Unilever.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media effectively boosted Nipendo’s visibility and brand awareness, thereby accomplishing the company’s PR and media coverage objectives. This achievement is demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM attained for Nipendo:

  1. 50 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 1.1M total online coverage views
  3. 472M monthly readership audience of publications
  4. 970.2k coverage views on websites 

It is also noteworthy that their triumphant coverage and visibility were catalysts to the acquisition by American Express (AmEx), a globally integrated payments company, providing customers with access to products, insights, and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.