MyTower – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

MyTower is a property technology company committed to bringing innovation to the building and real estate industries. They provide cutting-edge service management solutions to meet the needs of landlords, tenants, managers, and suppliers today.

MyTower goes beyond conventional rent-based revenue creation, seeking to increase rental income. It serves as an artificial intelligence and operating system for the sector. Its property intelligence management technology unites the complete ecosystem in a single virtual hub while improving and seamlessly integrating property and service management.

This vision came from the understanding that the constantly changing field of property management calls for a novel strategy–especially in a traditional industry such as real estate.

But more than this, MyTower provides a wide range of specialized and integrated solutions to meet unique requirements and existing operations. This would include property intelligence, personnel management, and facilities management.

Potential problems are discovered and dealt with before they worsen thanks to MyTower’s proactive and preventative maintenance feature. And a thorough view of all properties is provided by the unified property dashboard, allowing for effective management and supervision. 

The Problem

CEO and Co-Founder Pini Shemesh recognized that the American market lacks comprehensive real estate solutions, especially when it comes to sustainability, retention, accessibility, and overall user experience from competitors. This is why MyTower exists–because its goal is to increase the value of real estate by providing cutting-edge technology, new revenue streams, efficiency, and unique experiences.

And what better way to make this happen than by increasing the brand visibility of MyTower and positioning it as the leading proptech solution that’s changing the way property management is done?

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media started by boosting the company’s recent announcement when it raised $4 million to expand into the U.S. These announcements were featured in relevant publications such as MultiFamily Dive and CTech.

And MyTower’s brand recognition was only boosted more when OHM began a steady campaign, landing feature articles in prominent publications including MSN and Newsbreak. Because of MyTower’s innovative solution, it was easy to build and strengthen the company’s brand by leveraging different value propositions and angles.

It was also because of this that OHM landed MyTower a seat beside other well-known proptech companies through listicles in different publications from Business Matters Magazine to The Enterprise World and even up to Newsbreak.

Furthermore, the professional branding for Pini Shemesh has begun with journalists gaining his opinion on matters such as finance in a Forbes article and the housing market in an Aol article. These are just a few of the developments currently in the works with the campaign to build MyTower and Pini’s brand.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media continues to maximize MyTower’s brand by leveraging its unlimited value capabilities in the real estate industry. The company’s authority in the proptech space is an achievement that can be best attributed to:

  1. 27 total pieces of coverage
  2. 1.9B total monthly website visits
  3. 360.8M total monthly unique website visitors
  4. 1.9M total online coverage views