MineOS – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

MineOS is a data privacy system that is dedicated to providing a delightful customer experience that fosters trust, accountability, and transparency. It prioritizes human-centric privacy experiences that empower both consumers and companies.  Its simple user interface, unique automation, and machine learning-assisted features make compliance a breeze for businesses. 

With MineOS, companies can easily and quickly access customer data, identify risks, manage consent, prevent breaches, and ensure compliance with current and future laws. MineOS enables brands to build trust with their customers by respecting their data and maintaining transparency and compliance. The platform offers an efficient way for legal, data protection, and IT teams to handle privacy requests, data mapping, consent management, data classification, and more. 

MineOS is used by both big and small companies in highly regulated industries and is a leader in the industry on G2. 

The Problem

MineOS Co-Founders Gal Ringel (CEO), Gal Golan (CTO), and Kobi Nissan (CPO) are well-aware of the prevalent vulnerabilities of organizations – big or small – and users with regard to their data privacy. With the goal of filling this void, the team aimed to position their brand as a new privacy experience that empowers both companies and consumers. 

With the help of Omri Hurwitz Media’s media coverage and PR expertise, MineOS looked forward to dominating tier 1 publications with their unique product that’s equally urgent and paramount in an era when privacy is constantly at risk.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media knew that trust is a valuable weapon in targeting MineOS’ market. With that, OHM kickstarted MineOS’ media presence by tapping CEO Gal Ringel as the face of the brand in order to hyper-personalize their product. This strategy was commenced by securing Gal several exclusive interviews from top publications like CEO Today, Times of Israel, and Hackernoon, as well as thought leadership articles in Cybersecurity Insiders and CPO Magazine. Moreover, OHM also got Samer Kamal, VP of Marketing at MineOS, a feature interview on Authority Magazine in a series titled 5 Non-Intuitive Ways To Grow Your Marketing Career.

OHM also positioned MineOS in several headline-generating angles in a string of media and publication outreach, including:

  • Consumer Data Privacy Protection Amidst the Proliferation of AI Bots like ChatGPT
  • MineOS Data Deletion Feature for iOS Apps is a Difference-Maker for Retailers this Shopping Season
  • MineOS Enables Companies to Turn Privacy into a Business Advantage
  • Why Big Tech Companies Like Meta Need to Overhaul Their Privacy this 2023 

Formerly known as Mine PrivacyOps, the company also sought OHM to help seamlessly transition and amplify their rebranding efforts in a series of press releases, successfully secured in publications like Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, MarketWatch, and CyberSecurity Dive.

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media effectively boosted MineOS’ visibility and brand awareness, including its rebranding efforts (from Mine PrivacyOps to MineOS), thereby accomplishing the company’s PR and media coverage objectives. This achievement is demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM attained for MineOS:

  1. 59 total pieces of coverage
  2. 1.9B total monthly website visits
  3. 453.3M total monthly unique website visitors
  4. 2.3M total online coverage views