LoanBase – A Case Study

Project Overview

LoanBase aims to simplify and bring transparency to commercial lending, with the belief that quick and easy financing access can lead to increased housing, job creation, and support for neighborhood businesses. 

LoanBase is a prominent online platform that aims to offer ideal financing solutions to the commercial real estate sector. Their cutting-edge real-time data room enables borrowers to quickly connect with a list of commercial lenders and secure the most suitable loan to meet their requirements. The company’s team of skilled capital advisors has decades of experience in sourcing, evaluating, and qualifying relationships to assist their clients throughout the lending process, from selecting the right lender to executing the loan.

Before co-founding the company, CEO Ari Shpanya invested in real estate and experienced the challenges of the traditional lending process, which led him to believe there was room for improvement. He teamed up with Jason Simon, who shared his vision for a better borrower experience, and together they launched LoanBase in 2021. The company has since facilitated $750 million in funded deals with the help of 3,500 lenders, all while staying committed to their original goal of making borrowing easier and faster for investors.

The Problem

LoanBase recognizes the tedious 3-month loan application process and biased financial consulting in the industry. To bridge this gap, they aim to help clients save time and efforts with full transparency in one centralized place.

Ari Shpanya wanted to brand LoanBase as a platform that democratizes commercial real estate lending and optimizes the lending process. Their team tapped Omri Hurwitz Media to bring media and PR coverage to LoanBase by creating brand awareness and positioning the company as a leading authority in the real estate technology industry.

The Strategy

To achieve said objectives, the team at OHM started by targeting renowned tier-1 publications, including a mention in Forbes, press releases on Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance, securing LoanBase several features in its first 2 months.

OHM also emphasized how banks are tough on real estate entrepreneurs, positioning LoanBase as a trusted company that simplifies commercial lending, highlighting the company’s capability to provide an advanced real-time data room that allows each borrower to instantly connect with hundreds of lenders in order to secure the best loan.

Moreover, OHM leveraged Ari’s solid social media presence and strong following by emphasizing him as the brand’s face, highlighting LoanBase’s strengths, including:

  • Loanbase simplifies the loan application from months to just 3 days
  • How borrowers could connect in real-time to the lender through the use of Loanbase
  • How could borrowers easily find the best loan for their needs

As a result, Ari secured several guest appearances in various media outlets, like a podcast interview for How to Scale Commercial Real Estate, a feature interview for Authority Magazine, a thought leadership article on Realty Times, and an inclusion in’s 12 FinTech Leaders that are Shaping the Industry list.

Business Impact

LoanBase’s press and media exposure and brand awareness were optimized and amplified by Omri Hurwitz Media’s efforts, as demonstrated by the metrics that OHM attained for LoanBase. This cemented the company’s reputation as the reliable platform that streamlines the commercial lending process and brings transparency to the system.

  1. 32 total pieces of online coverage
  2. 1.4M total online coverage views
  3. 1.2M coverage views on websites
  4. 162.1k coverage views on socials