Growthspace – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

Growthspace is the pioneer of outcome-driven skills mastery. Co-founded by Omer GlassDan Terner, and Izhak Kedar, this organization is on a mission to revolutionize workforce upskilling to help both leaders and employees benefit from data-driven L&D.

Designed to launch, manage and measure 1:1 coaching and mentoring, team coaching, cohort-based workshops, training, and internal mentoring programs, this platform redefines workforce upskilling by delivering data-powered learning and development (L&D) for both leaders and employees.

With its suite of offerings, including 1:1 coaching, mentoring, workshops, and training, Growthspace empowers customers like Siemens, Microsoft, EY, Deloitte, and more. They leverage the platform’s extensive network of 2,000+ global experts and a robust talent development dataset to boost business performance, reduce attrition, and grow the promotable workforce. With Growthspace, L&D becomes a mission-critical driver of success.

The Problem

Beginning from the traditional elearning industry, Growthspace has since evolved and is currently pioneering a future where learning and development (L&D) is a crucial driver of business success.

But this kind of goal is faced with hindrances of its own, most especially when there are companies that do not understand its value. But the company is poised to break through these barriers and set itself as a pioneering organization empowering both businesses and employees. With the help of Omri Hurwitz Media’s media coverage and PR expertise, this goal is accomplishable.

The Strategy

The primary goal for Growthspace is to achieve brand excellence and recognitionnot only in their industry, but also across the Tech & Business broad community. This is possible through notable spotlights in tier 1 publications, rise of quantity of articles published, as well as boosting Growthspace CEO Omer Glass as the indispensable industry and thought leader in the field of L&D.

Because Growthspace has a veritably innovative offer which can massively boost the success of any business that invests in data-driven L&D, it can be daunting for some organizations to accommodate. This is why OHM first focused on boosting the Growthspace brand through the concept of employee empowerment. These garnered the attention of prominent publications such as Newsbreak, The Enterprise World, and the European Business Review.

On top of this, the continuous development and growth of Growthspace’s solution allowed OHM to leverage its new 1:1 skills mastery program called Career Pathway Programs designed to empower participants to select their next role in the organization and see which skills they need to develop to effectively get to their next role. This improvement was spotlighted in publications like HRDive, MSN, and Newsbreak.

OHM’s second phase in boosting Growthspace’s brand lies in highlighting the B2B-facing aspect of its offer—which meant securing features for Growthspace with the concept of L&D being a business-critical function on prominent publications like Disrupt Magazine, International Business Times, and San Francisco Post.

This is just one aspect of OHM’s strategy to maximize the benefits for Growthspace because, on the other hand, it has also been working on boosting the brand image of CEO Omer Glass and his authority in the L&D space. The L&D space is alive and bustling with thought leaders and OHM’s challenge was to position Omer Glass as one of these notable industry leaders moving the needle in the space.

This is why OHM began with securing an exclusive interview for Omer on Authority Magazine, where prominent leaders in the world of business, pop culture, wellness, social impact, and tech have been featured. The same was done with his interview on ValiantCEO. This was further solidified by getting interviews for Omer on relevant podcasts such as eLearn Magazine and VantageFit.

The third step to solidifying Omer Glass’s industry leadership is through highlighting his expertise on specific subject matters relevant to L&D and publishing his articles on prominent publications such as Hackernoon, MSN, and Training Industry.

Business Impact

All of these efforts pulled together by both the OHM team and the Growthspace team has significantly maximized the impact of the public perception of Growthspace as an innovative, strategic, and beneficial organization to businesses worldwide and Omer Glass as a visionary, authentic, and committed leader in the industry. The impact could be demonstrated by the following metrics that OHM accomplished for Growthspace:

  1. 2.9B total monthly readership audience of publications
  2. 644.8M total monthly unique readership audience of publications
  3. 2.9M total online coverage views
  4. 2.9M coverage on websites