Exberry – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

Exberry is a global provider of exchange technology, offering a comprehensive trading system that enables clients to launch, operate, and scale their digital asset exchanges quickly and cost-effectively. The company provides a modular, flexible, and customizable platform for cryptocurrency, tokenization, and digital asset trading.

The company’s technology is built on top of the traditional capital markets infrastructure, with a focus on regulatory compliance, security, and reliability. The platform is designed to meet the needs of institutional clients, including banks, brokers, trading firms, and other digital asset marketplaces.

Founded by Guy Melamed (CEO), Ronen Nachmias (CTO), and Dudi Krisher (Head of Product), Exberry is now composed of a team of visionaries who are seasoned experts in innovation and new products who combine exchange and trading expertise with the drive to evolve opportunities and new models. Ultimately, the Exberry team is bringing digital change to exchanges and marketplaces.

The Problem

Exberry understands the problems that banks, brcrykers, trading firms, and other digital asset marketplaces face. This is why Exberry is now helping these organizations. But for the company to achieve its goal best, it has to set the stage as the go-to for exchange and trading technology.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media supported Exberry on its goal by starting to build its credibility on all fronts—be it boosting its brand voice or building the team’s thought leadership expertise. Each milestone Exberry achieved was announced by OHM, garnering the attention of major publications, including Finextra, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance.

Aside from securing consistent feature articles in various publications, OHM worked towards building Guy Melamed (CEO) as the thought leader in exchange technology. This helped Melamed bolster his brand through Finextra and interviews with Hackernoon.

The OHM strategy helped Exberry become known as the favored solution for large digital asset exchanges and marketplaces, including Coinbit.ai and ENDX.

Business Impact

The PR and media efforts brought by Omri Hurwitz Media have garnered successful attention from major publications that have boosted (and continue to boost) Exberry’s brand recognition and reputation, as evidenced by the following metrics:

  1. 117 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 3.2M total online coverage views
  3. 2.9M coverage views on websites
  4. 326.2k coverage views on socials