Equitybee – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

Equitybee is a FinTech company that empowers startup employees to potentially convert their stock options or shares into cash without relinquishing ownership through the utilization of a widespread network of investors. Equitybee co-founders Oren Barzilai, Oded Golan, and Mody Radashkovich wanted to address the exact question, “How do startup employees know the valuation of their stock options?

And so, the company’s mission is simple: to enable startup employees to partake in the success of the business they helped form.

They do this by assisting them in acquiring ownership of shares, securing funding for exercise fees, and potentially receiving additional financial incentives that can be redeemed right away. And if an exit or initial public offering (IPO) is successful, they can monetize investments by splitting future profits with investors. 

With this, they start off the value they provide through the Equity Value Finder. This tool allows startup employees to sign in and input the details of their company and the total amount of stock options they have.

Equity Value Finder utilizes its unique approach to use a variety of trade data sources, valuations, and market movements to approximate the market value. Users will be able to check their equity worth and investigate any funding sources once the number of alternatives has been submitted.

The Problem

There is no doubt that Equitybee is extremely valuable to startup employees who need support in managing their equity or stock options. And leveraging their PLG tool, the Equity Value Finder is a good starting point for startup employees to maximize the benefits from their stock options. But this innovative solution is not something easily seen by the public.

This is why Omri Hurwitz Media stepped in to support and uplift Equitybee’s authority in the industry.

The Strategy

There are four pillars in OHM’s strategy to boost Equitybee’s brand authority: (1) Shedding light and boosting the brand’s mission to empower startup employees; (2) Introducing Equitybee and gaining traction in tier 1 publications relevant to the finance industry; (3) Announcing the launch of its Equity Value Finder; and (4) Amplifying Oren’s professional brand and authority on finance-related and equity-related issues.

The first two pillars go hand-in-hand, boosting Equitybee’s value proposition and mission through tier 1 publications like MSN, Newsbreak, and Hackernoon. But more than this, prominent finance publication Finextra has also published an article that analyzed the current events in the equity space and has seen how Equitybee solves the unspoken issues faced by startup employees.

One of the most prominent ways that Equitybee has made some noise in the finance industry is through the announcement of its Equity Value Finder. It’s a revolutionary tool that is dedicated to empowering startup employees as they navigate the world of equity. And OHM made this possible by securing press releases in top publications such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and BankingDive.

And one more pillar OHM has been working on is establishing Oren as a thought leader in the finance industry. This was made possible by gaining his opinion on relevant issues like the 409A valuation and startup IPOs. These are niche subjects that Oren has a unique perspective on which made it easier for OHM to establish his professional authority.

Business Impact

The perfect combination of Equitybee’s unique value proposition and mission along with Omri Hurwitz Media’s strategic maneuvers have warranted success in boosting Equitybee’s brand authority in the finance industry through the four pillars. The overall impact could be seen through current numbers:

  1. 35 total pieces of coverage
  2. 1.8B total monthly website visits
  3. 366.6M total monthly unique website visitors
  4. 2M total online coverage views