daily.dev – A Case Study

Project Overview

daily.dev is a community-driven professional network for developers to learn, collaborate, and grow together. The company has built a platform where developers worldwide can stay up to date, discuss with like-minded people and connect with their friends and colleagues. It is a remote-native startup founded by Nimrod Kramer, Ido Shamun, and Tsahi Matsliah, and it has a global team of 16 members from 7 different countries.

daily.dev is on a mission to connect the world’s developers and accelerate their professional growth. Nowadays, developers are busier than ever before, yet they can’t afford to fall behind. Endless technological updates and an abundance of resources to learn from, paired with the concern of becoming irrelevant. daily.dev was established to bring developers together in order to break through the never ending flood of information and provide a platform that enables a daily habit of continuous improvement. This base of loyal, highly engaged users is the foundation on which we are building the world’s largest professional network for developers.

The Problem

Co-Founders Nimrod Kramer, Ido Shamun, and Tsahi Matsliah were seeking press to amplify their company’s media coverage. Their aim is to be the go-to professional network for developers, similar to LinkedIn but fully concentrated in the global developer community. 

With the help of Omri Hurwitz Media, daily.dev’s objective is to stir buzz, create headlines, and reach tier 1 publications to establish themselves as a household name in curating content, connecting developers, and being a one-stop-shop for the knowledge and tools they need to grow professionally. 

The Strategy

Through innovation and creativity, Omri Hurwitz Media highlighted daily.dev’s Reddit meets Stack Overflow. As seen in this TechCrunch article, OHM reiterates the gap of Reddit where the professional content that developers get is mixed with general content, marginalizing the domain-specific and highly-professional insights that fuel them. But with the emphasis on Stack Overflow’s power, the social experience that developers get is mostly siloed to specific repositories and Q&As – a critical angle that needs to be put on the pedestal.

Moreover, it was also important to emphasize daily.dev’s accessibility – a key point that OHM amplified, highlighting details such as 90% of daily.dev’s user base is utilizing the platform through their browser extension every time they open a new tab, with the value proposition of reducing the time and energy they need to spend in order to maintain a professional growth habit. 

With expert media outreach and a solid angle, OHM managed to secure daily.dev’s funding announcement via press releases in top-tier publications like Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Bloomberg, and Business Insider.

Business Impact

Daily.dev’s press and media exposure and brand awareness were improved by Omri Hurwitz Media’s efforts, as demonstrated by the metrics that OHM attained for daily.dev. This solidified its reputation as the go-to hub for content, tools, knowledge, and collaboration for the global developer community.

  1. 25 total pieces of coverage
  2. 316.3M monthly readership audience of publications
  3. 535.1k total online coverage views
  4. 74.1M total monthly unique readership audience of publications