1MRobotics – A Case Study

Project Overview

Note: Data is still updating as they are current clients

1MRobotics is the leading developer of nano-fulfillment centers that enables last-mile operations. It aims to develop innovative technology that makes it possible for businesses to incorporate lights-out automation, regardless of the industry or domain. Ultimately, the goal of 1MRobotics is to bring profitability to rapid last-mile fulfillment at a massive scale.

The company introduced two cutting-edge solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of quick commerce and on-demand, rapid delivery: Genesis and Flexsis. Genesis caters to the needs of retail and CPG DTC fulfillment and it’s designed and engineered to seamlessly integrate into existing logistical infrastructures while enabling rapid delivery. Flexsis is made to maintain all the operational advantages of Genesis, which include immediate deployment, full automation, bulk loading, and diversified inventory.

Founded in 2021 by CEO Eyal Yair and COO Roee Tuval, 1MRobotics saw the growing pains faced by retailers and operators to deliver with maximum efficiency while managing the decreased delivery times of storefronts, increased rents, and staffing requirements. This is where Yair proposed an alternative in the form of robotic “nano-fulfillment” centers.

This revolutionary concept has led 1MRobotics to raise $16.5 million in Series A funding led by Ibex Investors with participation from Emerge VC, Target Global, and INT3, as well as collaborations with brands including Nespresso, AB InBev, and REEF Technology. This Series A brings 1MRobotic’s total to $25 million, which already includes their previously undisclosed $8.5 million seed round.

The Problem

Since the dawn of the pandemic, B2C companies have had an increasingly difficult time reaching target markets. And according to recent statistics, approximately 335.25 million customers in the US alone are expected to continue shopping online. This is why there has been a forecast that the last-mile delivery market is projected to increase by $165.6 billion between 2023 and 2027.

This is a problem that Yair and Tuval wanted to address through 1MRobotics, and this perfect timing was captured by Omri Hurwitz Media. Using the recent statistics, OHM aimed to position 1MRobotics as the ultimate superhero to retailers in these uncertain times.

The Strategy

Omri Hurwitz Media understood that highly innovative value propositions can be difficult to understand and accept in mainstream markets. But because of the timeliness of 1MRobotics’ solutions, the team at OHM has perfectly positioned the company to solve the following problems:

  1. The difficulties with managing dark stores: While dark stores offer several advantages in terms of online order fulfillment, there are also several challenges and difficulties retailers face including the cost of building or repurposing dark stores, logistics and inventory management, and scalability.
  2. The challenges of last-mile delivery: This can be challenging for retailers especially because of the delivery costs and delivery capacity that they need to fulfill–negative outcomes can lead to delays and longer delivery times.

1MRobotics can solve these challenges through their solutions, Genesis and Flexsis; thus, Omri Hurwitz Media made it a point to establish 1MRobotic’s leadership in this industry by also leveraging their powers of nano-technology. As a result, OHM started with 1MRobotic’s leap out of stealth–securing funding announcements in publications like TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider.

More than this, OHM had the opportunity to boost the leadership of 1MRobotics by establishing its Vice President of Sales, Gonen Gershuni, as a thought leader in robotics and nano-technology. This helped 1MRobotics gain more renown in publications such as Hackernoon

Business Impact

Omri Hurwitz Media successfully positioned 1MRobotics as the leader in its industry. But more than this, it solidified 1MRobotic’s position as the superhero for retailers through OHM’s PR and media efforts. This achievement can be seen by the following metrics:

  1. 59 total pieces of media coverage
  2. 1.1M total online coverage views
  3. 534.6M total monthly website visits
  4. 78.8k coverage views on socials