Why Consistently Doing PR is More Important than Just Doing PR for Announcements

Public Relations (PR) is far more than a tool for periodic announcements; it is an ongoing strategic effort crucial for a brand’s success. This article delves into why consistent PR supersedes announcement-based PR, drawing from various authoritative sources. Building and Amplifying Brand Equity Consistent PR efforts are vital in building and amplifying a brand’s equity. […]

Why is Public Relations Important?

Public relations (PR) is vital in today’s business and social landscapes for a multitude of reasons. It is a strategic communication discipline aimed at managing the spread of information between an entity and its target audience. This management influences opinions and behaviors, shaping public perception and the reputation of individuals, organizations, or brands​​. Building a […]

What You Need To Know About Celebrity PR 

Celebrity public relations (PR) is a nuanced and dynamic field that plays a crucial role in shaping the public image and reputation of celebrities. This article delves into the various facets of celebrity PR, drawing insights from multiple sources. Understanding Celebrity PR Celebrity PR differs from traditional PR in several ways. It involves developing and […]

How Beyoncé Utilized Modern PR To Build Her Massive Audience

Beyoncé, a globally renowned entertainer, has skillfully harnessed modern public relations and marketing strategies to amplify her brand and business. Her approach offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to strengthen their brand presence. In summary, Beyoncé’s PR strategy is a masterclass in simplicity, innovation, influencer marketing, effective use of social media, proactive crisis management, and […]

How Tesla Utilized Modern PR to Beat it’s Competitors

Tesla’s approach to public relations and marketing is  a great example of how modern strategies can be effectively utilized to amplify a business’s presence and influence. Unlike traditional automotive companies, Tesla’s public relations strategy diverges significantly from conventional methods, relying heavily on brand-building and innovative marketing techniques. Unique Aspects of Tesla’s PR Strategy Key Takeaways […]

How Salesforce Utilized Modern PR To Build It’s Gigantic Brand 

Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software, has utilized innovative public relations (PR) strategies and tactics to grow into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. This case study explores how Salesforce’s unique approach to PR has been pivotal in its journey from a small startup to a major player in the tech industry. Early […]

TheGist, Supercharge Productivity, and AI in The Workspace with Itzik Ben Bassat

The rise of AI-powered productivity tools is one of the biggest success stories in the digital workspace era. From streamlining tedious tasks to increasing an employee’s overall focus, this tech breakthrough has positively impacted a multitude of industries in more ways than one. On today’s episode of Startups On Demand, I am joined by Itzik […]

Flying into the Future: How Tech is Shaping the Airlines Business

The aviation industry is known for its tech dependence. But with the presence of sacred cows, legacy brands, and resistance, innovation often lags. In this episode of “Flying into the Future: How Tech is Shaping the Airlines Business,” Omri Hurwitz welcomes esteemed guest Nathaniel Felsher, a renowned advisor to CEOs and industry experts. Nathaniel Felsher, […]

Early Stage Investing, Superstar Founders, and Measuring KPIs

Launching a startup is one thing; finding an investor is another. Most founders know that searching for the right investor can make or break a company’s ability to pivot and scale. From business decision-making to coaching, these VCs are the guiding force that every entrepreneur needs to make big swings and stay on track. On […]

VC Insights, Grove Ventures, and What This Market Can Teach

The years 2021 and 2022 saw a steep rise of tech startups raising funds left and right – a first since the .com era. But when we hit 2023, we’re seeing that the market is making a strong, aggressive correction, especially with early-age startups. In this exclusive interview, I talk to Tal Abuloff, a renowned […]